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Belgium Food

Food and Restaurants in Belgium

The flavor of Belgium food is beyond one's description. Once you are in this country, your mouth will always lick for delicious food in Belgium. In Belgium you will never be hungry with its enormous choice of international restaurants. The "Belgian Cuisine" is appreciated world-wide and offers a wide variety of meals in different price-ranges. Belgian cuisine is similar to French, based on game and seafood. Each region in Belgium has its own special dish. Butter, cream, beer and wine are generously used in cooking. Belgian chocolate, waffles and chips - preferably served with mayonnaise - are famous. Ardennes sausages and ham are renowned. Most restaurants have waiter service, although self-service cafes are becoming quite numerous. Local beers are very good. Two of the most popular are Lambic, made from wheat and barley, and Trappist. Fruit beers, such as Kriek cherry beer, are a specialty.

Seeing the popularity of food and wines, Belgium Food Company is thriving up by offering quality Belgium food. Even, other various countries import food from Belgium. In short, food of Belgium is worth to taste. Once you have Belgium food, you shall remember it for ever. So, go and relish the delicious food in Belgium.

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