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Unique Things in Belgium

Unique Things in Belgium

Belgium is a vivacious country with a bunch of interesting and unique activities to perform. Though it is a small country, it offers you many a reason for spending time here. "Something for everyone" seems to be the hallmark of this country. Variety of events, fairs and festivals make your Belgium tour and unforgettable one. Some of the unique things in Belgium are:

Grand Place Events:

The Grand Place is one of the sites where plethora of events takes place. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. A fabulous flower market is held on Sunday morning and a lot of people visit it and enjoy watching the beautiful flowers. The gorgeous lightings in evening turn the buildings into an illuminated structure. The Jazz Marathon held in the month of May features musical acts and F & B fair as well. On the first Thursday of July, the annual Ommegang procession is also a big event that takes place here. Do attend this when you are here in July.

Town Hall and Chapel of the Holy Blo: Burg Square

The fanciful carving on the exterior of the 14th century Town Hall has got so delicate look and feel that it seems to be piped in icing. Inside you come and you encounter a massive lower hall that contains hung flags of Bruges medieval guilds. You can see the impressive Gothic gem and Basilica of the Holy Blood if you take a few strides from the Town Hall. A relic placed on the top of the chapel features a vial which is believed to be the blood of Christ. This relic is unleashed for worship on special occasions.

Museum voor Moderne Kunst

Museums in the country are major sources of entertainment. You can spend a good time at the fabulous museum located on the Place Royale. It has eight underground floors. Constructed around a light shaft, this impressive museum is a fine treasury of magnificent works by Belgian modernists and foreign artists. You can get into the museum free of cost in the afternoon of first Wednesday of each month.

The Belfry Tower of Bruge

Do pay a visit to the Belfry Tower, one of the most unique things in Belgium. This 83 meter high tower features 47 big bells which combining together weigh 27 tons and produces a soothing audible.

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